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Evren means Universe in Turkish, and that makes perfect sense, because for the past 2 decades Evren’s been everywhere. When Drake rocked hiphop tracks on his iPod as Jimmy from Degrassi, that’s Evren. That Eurovision banger you heard from Manga titled “We Could be the Same”, those Toyota Matrix commercials, Telus spots, Appleton beats - that’s him too. Countless TV shows, Ads, media campaigns, VO’s, and more, all quietly being churned out by Toronto’s very own Istanbul born composer, producer, and killer MC. 


Some times artists find their own niche and stick to it. That’s not Evren. He took the time to get into it - to all of it. Recording it, editing it, producing, performing and mixing it - he plays the bass, the keys, makes beats, spits fire and has the ability to create any piece of music, any time, for anything you can imagine. Teamed up with his wife Courteney Brookes he’s the other half of the dark mellow pop duo Strangers on a Plane, because of course he met his stunning songstress partner on an airplane. Of course.


Evren’s rhymes are classic - straight to the point, always on theme, delivered with a smooth and steady flow, never missing a beat with a voice to boot. He’s an enigma. His fans have scoured the inter web putting together pieces of clues as to what, where, and who this elusive recording artist is. They’ve heard him - on TV, in the movie theatre, on the internet, but never quite knew it was him. In beats. In lyrics. In Rhymes.


He has tracks in the hundreds, including  5 studio albums of quietly released material, unconventional, unpredictable, unexpected. His classic debut album Conflict of Interest (2002) still holds water today with it’s recognizable mix of obscure Turkish samples and dirty hiphop beats. Lyrics range from the socially conscious to the late night kind of party guy that’s always been a part of Evren’s ethos. 


Today he’s left the studio to complete his musical journey full circle. He’s bringing his beats, his rhymes, his sound to a stage, to a car, to a bedroom near you. And you’ll know it’s him when you hear that voice. It’s undeniably Evren. It’s Universal and simply put, it’s everywhere.